What is so fascinating about crystals?



Crystals are the physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness into infinitely repeating patterns. These patterns fall into 7 categories, or derivatives thereof, called PLATONIC SOLIDS. 

They are perfect geometric formations of light in the physical. Each type of crystal vibrates with a specific light frequency (and fractals thereof = colors), and through their subtle energetic resonance, they offer powerful healing and can be a tool for spiritual connection and transformation.

This is a photo of clear rock quartz

Rock or Clear Quartz is commonly known, revered and used in cultures throughout the world. It has been used to heal, protect, shield, change and transmute energy, hold information and magic. 

The most common power object is clear quartz, mainly for its physical beauty and healing qualities but also because it is available on every continent and has been used across cultures. 

Crystals specific to a place will figure prominently in local lore. Handed down, verbally narrated myths, usually related as stories, exist in virtually all native cultures (as well as in more modern literature) wherein crystals have prominent “functions” – they can be a prize that allows for a flowering of culture and eternal life, like the Arkenstone in the Hobbit, or a weapon/horcrux like the Sorcerers’ and the Resurrection stone in Harry Potter; they can be used to bring enlightenment, beauty and awareness, as those crystals worn by goddesses and royalty, such as Cleopatra, Isis or Artemis, or used to decorate and empower entire rooms as Catherine the Great of Russia did.

Some crystals were thought to embody sexuality, so they were mainly worn by dancers in their belly or by women when trying to conceive.

Often crystals were needed to be able to attain a particular goal, say defeating an enemy or attaining coveted wisdom.

For the Native American Cherokee, the spirit of the previous crystal owner could share the memory of their experience with the new owner of the crystal.

Once upon a time, every Cherokee kept a crystal, wrapped in deerskin (or another skin) and hidden. When the Cherokee left this realm of existence, they spend a period of time as a spirit. The son, daughter, or next in line gained possession of the crystal and used it to call on the ancestor in time of need. The ancestors understanding was held within the crystal that had been inherited. 

a photo of a native american cherokee
The photo shows the helmet of a Greek warrior

Greek legend involves the use of crystals as well, for example before entering battle, crushed hematite was rubbed on soldier’s bodies – the belief was that the hematite made them invincible. 

In the breastplate or shield of many famous warriors crystals of protection and power were embedded. 

Interestingly, the word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘krustullos’, which means ice.

Through working with the stones and experimenting with them for thousands and thousands of years, techniques and attributes have been passed down, altered, adapted to current time and perfected in their medicinal and energetic healing usage.

One of my first geomancer teachers, Norm Foster, called crystals “flowers of the middle earth”.

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A photo of a hand holding rock quartz