Trolleite is an amazing mineral that was first discovered in Sweden in the early 1900s. It is a hard, Phosphate mineral that contains Quartz, Lazulite and Scorzalite.

It has been labelled ‘a stone of Ascension’. This mineral works with all chakras and all forms of energy, whether that be emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. Many are being called to wake up and if already awake, to step into a role of service to others on some level. Trolleite supports us regardless of where we are on our path.

Trolleite works at a cellular level, which is why it’s energy moves softly and deeply. When we are ready, it starts to bring up ancient memory, experiences and coding that is held in our cells. This may include any suppressed emotional or mental trauma from this or past lifetimes. However, it not only brings it up, but then guides us through how we can best release/heal and move into a brighter, lighter, new energy.

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Photos vs. your product

In an effort to offer maximum transparency and understanding, the client needs to know that colors, size and transparency as well as individual features of each crystal may vary. Screen resolution and computer settings can also alter the depiction of each product which must be taken into account upon purchase. Your product may vary from what is depicted in the product shot, not in the type of crystal but in the intensity of color, banding, vugs and other completely individual natural features of each crystal. What you will receive is a one-of-a-kind.