Tourmalinated Quartz






Tourmalinated Quartz is a combination stone made up of clear quartz with black tourmaline crystal inclusions. Shown aesthetically with the duality of darkness a light, Tourmalinated Quartz is a stone commonly used to help balance extremes. By combining the forces of Clear Quartz – the energy amplifying and cleansing power stone – with the grounding and negativity diffusing qualities of Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated quartz is an excellent stone for increasing the overall well-being of the individual as it helps clear the energetic body of negative blocks while simultaneously helping to charge the chakra centers and create better energy flow. A true powerhouse, Tourmalinated quartz amplifies and empowers whatever intention is set.

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In an effort to offer maximum transparency and understanding, the client needs to know that colors, size and transparency as well as individual features of each crystal may vary. Screen resolution and computer settings can also alter the depiction of each product which must be taken into account upon purchase. Your product may vary from what is depicted in the product shot, not in the type of crystal but in the intensity of color, banding, vugs and other completely individual natural features of each crystal. What you will receive is a one-of-a-kind.