Selenite derives from the Greek moon goddess, and means moonlike-glow. It has a very fine and high vibration, induces clarity of mind and accesses angelic consciousness. I call Selenite the fiber optic cable of the crystal world, for its ability to be a conduit of high vibration light frequencies. Satin Spar is often sold as Selenite, but that is a geological term, Satin Spar is a bit different as it grows in columns. Selenite forms more like ice sheets of paper on top of one another. Selenite is the only crystal term for Gypsum. Chalk, Plaster of Paris, Alabaster and Satin Spar are also forms of Gypsum.

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Photos vs. your product

In an effort to offer maximum transparency and understanding, the client needs to know that colors, size and transparency as well as individual features of each crystal may vary. Screen resolution and computer settings can also alter the depiction of each product which must be taken into account upon purchase. Your product may vary from what is depicted in the product shot, not in the type of crystal but in the intensity of color, banding, vugs and other completely individual natural features of each crystal. What you will receive is a one-of-a-kind.