Orange Calcite






This calcite variety is a very positive and uplifting stone. It’s orange rays mirror that of the sun, producing and unleashing endorphins within the body. Anyone who is looking for the “fire” to be re-lit inside of them, this is the stone for you. Orange Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser.  You may have some Orange Calcite in your collection already. There is a type of calcite called Orange Twist (South African) because of the wispy twisting patterns within the Calcite. As are all Calcites, Orange Calcite has a soapy feel to it when you touch a raw piece. That fact leads us right into its primary quality: that of being able to unblock, cleanse and clear stagnant energy in a stable, slow but sustainable way. It cleanses away the which is preventing intimacy and closeness in friendships, love relationships and partnerships that are business oriented. If you overwork, orange calcite will move your focus away from obligations so that you can enjoy fun and pleasure. It the sense that it is a solar, pleasure energy Orange Calcite it is a great crystal for eliminating shyness in the bedroom and promotes fertility.

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