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Ocean Jasper – the Atlantis stone – is a marvelous stone for cultivating patience and coping with change, and encourages giving service to others. Ocean Jasper is believed to be linked to the ancient city of Atlantis and to hold mystic knowledge within its structure. OJ is a type of orbicular jasper found in Madagascar, where it is harvested during low tide along the ocean. It is characterized by spherical inclusions and is generally white, green, and peach-colored. Due to it’s slow, calm vibration, OJ is a crystal ally useful for anger & stress relief, anxiety and depression. OJ is, like all Jaspers, a supremely nurturing stone that establishes a calm and serene atmosphere when used to energize spaces.

Ocean Jasper is an ideal stone for reframing and transmuting any past misuse of spiritual power, and teaches the wise use of power and will. Ocean Jasper with a dominant green color is a “growth crystal” – a powerful conduit of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature’s constant renewal. It is a potent aid in nurturing, whether of fledgling family relationships or a new business venture. Green Ocean Jasper is perfect for keeping a venture on course, a project on schedule, and life on track. Prominent shades of brown or tan in Ocean Jasper brings connection with the natural world. It is the color influence of home, hearth, and nature. It helps you relax, reconnect, and regain your composure. It is a grounding stone, promoting security and stability. At Mystic Indigo we have both colorways, green as well as more earthy shades or combinations thereof.

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In an effort to offer maximum transparency and understanding, the client needs to know that colors, size and transparency as well as individual features of each crystal may vary. Screen resolution and computer settings can also alter the depiction of each product which must be taken into account upon purchase. Your product may vary from what is depicted in the product shot, not in the type of crystal but in the intensity of color, banding, vugs and other completely individual natural features of each crystal. What you will receive is a one-of-a-kind.