Golden Healer Quartz






Golden Healer Quartz is associated with the third (solar plexus) and eighth (above the head) chakras, all zodiac signs and the sun. The energy it gives off is simultaneously “gently soothing” and “powerful”. It is believed to increase creativity and self-confidence and bring about success in business and other ventures. Although Golden Healer Quartz is probably more famous for its metaphysical qualities, it is highly valued in the world of physical healing, where it makes a very useful addition to the medical bag. Specifically, golden healer quartz has been used by crystal healers to cleanse and enhance all of the organs of the body. It is also sometimes used to stimulate the body’s immune system, reduce tension and provide relief for those who struggle with a range of debilitating stomach problems. However, its energy is believed to incite overall healing on all levels, making it beneficial in all situations where healing is needed. In addition, it may promote the recognition of techniques and methods required to further recovery in any and all disorders. Golden Healer Quartz is a powerful healing crystal, and its healing properties will be greatly amplified when combined with other high vibration crystals.

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