Dumortierite (Blue) Quartz






Dumortierite is a mind and throat chakra stone, working both with the throat and third eye chakras. Dumortierite promotes positive attitude in all life situations, courage and trust during personal times of hardship, as well as helping to learn deeply about the self.
As it is blue, it works to calm and assists quelling panic and fear. But most often, it is used for its incredible organizational affinities/abilities. Known to enhance one’s self-discipline, orderliness, and organization, as well as clearing the scattered mind.

The ability to do so in one’s life gives Dumortierite a great deal of positive energy for those dealing with addictions. Assisting one to recognize the negative patterns and erase them at a core level, encouraging one to see and accept reality, as well as react to it in an intelligent manner on one’s own behalf. By enhancing calm, inducing relaxation, and a feeling of harmony, Dumortierite aids in making troublesome daily tasks more manageable.

This enhancement is believed to be due to the effect that Dumortierite may have on balancing the Throat Chakra and thus enhancing communication between lower chakras/physical energies and the higher chakras/mental/spiritual energies, creating a more balanced and organized life.

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