Botswana Agate

*Available as a bracelet. Kindly contact us for further details from the form on the Align Bracelets page.




As all Agates do, Botswana Agate has a lower intensity and slower frequency compared to many other crystals which is why it is prized for its strengthening and stabilizing power. Agate is a balancer. It will provide calm in periods of stress or calm a naturally more high strung person down through its slower frequency.
Botswana Agate is an excellent stone that can balance your physical, emotional, and intellectual energies. It’s beautiful peach, gray, sand, mauve, yellowish and red shades make it highly prized for its beauty as well as its ability to provide an energy of stability and strength.



Photos vs. your product

In an effort to offer maximum transparency and understanding, the client needs to know that colors, size and transparency as well as individual features of each crystal may vary. Screen resolution and computer settings can also alter the depiction of each product which must be taken into account upon purchase. Your product may vary from what is depicted in the product shot, not in the type of crystal but in the intensity of color, banding, vugs and other completely individual natural features of each crystal. What you will receive is a one-of-a-kind.