Blue Aragonite






Blue Aragonite is a very special stone that is here to soften emotional transitions. These beauties from Pakistan are greatly sought after for their beauty alone but also have important spiritual healing properties. Use Blue Aragonite when recovering from traumatic events that we are refusing to confront head-on, i.e., mourning the loss of someone and not being able to cope with grief, as well as just having trouble getting over a recent falling out in a serious relationship. This crystal is your ally in times of need as it will “soften” even the most hurtful emotions and events we relive day in and day out. Working with or carrying this stone daily will provide one’s aura with powerful vibrations that can even be felt by the ones closest to us. Blue Aragonite has a special relationship when it comes to the throat chakra. It helps communicate emotional pain and struggle we refuse to confront. This stone pushes us to vocalize our feelings when in times of discomfort, especially when one may normally just go inward and stay quiet. I recommend meditating with a heart stone such as Rubellite, Rose Quartz or Pistachio Calcite with Blue Aragonite. I personally find Mangano Calcite and Blue Aragonite an extremely powerful healing combo for the heart space.

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