Events & Classes


  • Classes offered through Mystic Indigo: Time commitment is shown with each class, dates are TBD. If you’re interested, please contact us directly
  • Madame Lenormand cards or Tarot
  • how to learn them, work with them, read for yourself and for others. Part one: 2 separate sessions of 3 hours TBD
  • Part two: 2 separate sessions of 3 hours TBD
  • Crystals 101:
  • How does a crystal work?
  • What can I do with a crystal?
  • How can I work with the crystal for benefits to my person?
  • Crystal grids and how they work. Learn how to create crystal grids.
  • Interpreting your birthchart: Where to start and how to deepen your understanding
  • Interpreting progressions, transits and solar returns
  • The chart and the evolutionary journey



a photo of a grid of a tree of life in sacred geometry


  • Astrometeo: what’s the astrological weather? What’s going on out there? At the beginning of the month we’ll have a look at the astrological weather for the next 4 weeks. Dates TBD Tuesdays from 6-7 pm
  • Art fairs featuring local artist TBD