<br>Crystal Energetic Cleansing


photo of different crystals and some flowers

When you begin working with your crystals, you’ll notice that they can (and will) become energetically full, dull or dense as a result of accumulation of energy that they take on through our environment, people, places and things.

You will notice some crystals become energetically “run-down” faster than others. Just like us they start to hold onto energy that doesn’t resonate with their most ascended state, the energy stagnates needs a reset.

As energy beings we need to look after our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self and this practice holds true for our crystals as well. After absorbing this negative energy from your body, mind and spirit, it’s left trapped inside of your healing crystals, which is why it’s important to learn how to cleanse and charge crystals properly, if you want them to stay powerful.

As you carry your crystals around, wear them, hold them or place them in a room they really get to work. They absorb energy, transmute it, transform it and broadcast out a specific frequency.

There are multiple ways that this can be done and some crystals require certain types of clearing (some don’t like water, or fade in the sun). You will also find that one modality may resonate more with you and you find yourself leaning towards that option.

Smudging or smoke ritual cleansing: This is the first type of cleansing I was taught. Smoke clearing is inspired by the traditional Native American smoke smudging.

This method involves using smoke to cleanse and clear energy. This method is often used to clear the energy of a space but it can be used to cleanse the energy of any spiritual tools including crystals. This can be done in 2 ways:

First, you can burn your incense stick, cone, herbs or wood and hold the crystal in the smoke.

Second, you can place the crystal on a table and wave the smoke around the crystals. A feather can be used to fan the smoke around the crystal. This only needs to be done for a shorter amount of time such as 30 seconds per crystal.

burning sage to cleanse crystals and the air
cleansing crystals with a singing bowl

Sound or frequency cleansing: This is my tried-and-true favorite of all cleansing methods; I find it to be the most deep and thorough cleansing of all. No doubt this is because I like the singing bowl frequency sounds. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and they can be cleansed using sound. As the sound waves vibrate through the crystal, they realign it, cleansing and clearing away everything that is not resonating at the same level.

Everything oscillates and when it comes to crystals nothing is random, they have very specific geometric patterns and because of this they hold very specific energies and a stable vibration.

To cleanse your crystal with sound you want to use a high and loud sound so there is a high amplitude. Because of their stable vibrations you need a high amplitude sound that will realign and shift the energies.

Try giving your crystal a sound bath using a singing bowl, tuning forks, gongs or tingsha chime. I find a singing bowl works the best, meaning it cleanses very thoroughly. Toning over the crystal with your own mantras works as well.

Natural energies: are a great way to cleanse crystals. All energy radiates from the sun and we can harness this radiance by placing our crystals in both the sunlight or moonlight. Some crystals do change color when exposed to sunlight for too long. A great way to cleanse and charge crystals is to place them out in the moonlight.

Water is a cleansing method that I have intentionally left out of this listing and there is a specific and important reasoning behind that: there are many crystals that don’t do well in water or that can even be damaged by longer periods in water. This has much to do with their hardness (on a MOHS scale) and their chemical composition. I recommend researching YOUR crystals and checking if the one that you want to cleanse will support water cleansing.

photo of plants in a field

Your crystals can be left under the light to help them absorb the energy provided. The Sun provides a strong powerful energy whereas the moon provides a much slower and gentler energy.

Full moon energy works well – that said you can use the day before the actual full moon, the day of the full moon and the day after the full moon as that energy is active for 3 days. Set your intentions and allow your crystals to bask in the moonlight.

Remember to set your intention and use this statement, or better yet create one yourself!!

I recommend using intention with whatever your favorite cleansing method is.

It is always a perfect and important compliment to all forms of cleansing.

“I clear any and all previous programming and energetic residue from this crystal. I ask the highest light energy to flow through this crystal, dissolving, cleansing and clearing all that is unsupportive, stagnant and unclear, and filling the space with golden/silver/your color of choice crystalline light”

Gaia cleansing: Earth cleansing is the best for grounding crystalline energies into the earth. This works especially well if you live in a temperate climate or when you can go outside in temperate weather, as the earth needs to be soft and workable in order for you to embed your crystals. The earth is such a powerful force, I find this to be especially useful for energetically strong grounding crystals such as black tourmaline, smokey quartz, red jaspers, septarian, jet.

The Earth cleanses, transforms and grounds us and does the same for our crystals.

A great way to cleanse your crystals is by burying them underground.

Some crystals are more delicate than others so it may be useful to place them in a soft bag first.

Gaia’s energies will cleanse and purify your crystals by absorbing and transmuting the energies stored therein. 


a photo of a person holding a crsystal on the beach

It is important to bury them somewhere safe as they should be left in the earth over night or for a full 24 hours if possible. I’ve had great success burying crystals in the earth on a full moon night but try out and and all methods and see which resonates with you.

You will be able to feel your crystals restored, rejuvenated and full of their original, shiny bright energy.

Happy cleansing!!