<br>The sky within us...



Astrology is a powerful tool for self discovery. Astrology is, for me, a perfect union between meeting the needs of the analytical brain (mental realm) and the creative spirit (spiritual realm). I LOVE intuitive work, but something about deciphering astrological charts is endlessly fascinating. The sky within us teaches us about possibility, journeys, time, lessons we will take ourselves through, forks in the road, choices we make. We age and become more conscious,  in our understanding of ourselves and our place(s) within the universe.

When I began my learning journey I was prompted by a thirst to understand myself, the world, what I was doing here and what, if anything I needed to learn.  I ventured, curious and eager to gain some knowledge of various belief systems. I experimented and experienced dogma, religion, cult-like devotion to gurus and ideologies and on the flip-side mawkish atheism and refusal to believe or even accept the idea that there might be a bigger design or source from whence we came. 

I have been a passionate student of astrology since I started at 16!! walking into my first seminar of a two year program at the Hotel Gotthard run by the SFER Zürich. I began there with my two year astrological studies program and continued in 1989-91 with studies at Jeffery Wolf Greene’s school of Evolutionary Astrology while it was still in Seattle as well as seminars through Liz Greene’s Center for Psychological Astrology in London and European locations. I have been fortunate to study with and learn from many incredible teachers in 4 continents,  each expanding and challenging my understanding of the Universe/Astroverse in new ways. 





Astrology on its own is a deep understanding of our connection to a Divine language or sacred geometry symmetry.  A simple reading of a natal chart (by a qualified Astrologer) provides a wealth of information to who we are (past and present, but not future, that’s up to the individual) mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even yes, physically. 

After analysis of a dearth of charts and acquiring certification in evolutionary and psychological astrology I’ve combined these two types into my own whole. Personal chart readings are my specialty, as well as teaching in small to medium size groups.

  • Parent child dynamics
  • Relationship synastries 
  • Power phases, “forks in the road”
  • Spiritual practice, choosing consciously co-created over fated life
  • Astrological weather – what’s happening in the sky and what that looks like in our lives. Eclipses, significant constellations, signs of the times. Paradigm shifts. 
  • Enjoying and optimizing your journey